42 engaging participant led activities for pupils of all ages, accompanied with case studies sharing examples on using the activities in planning, teaching and evaluation.

This innovative new resource builds on the success of RISC’s bestselling toolkit “How do we know it’s working? – measuring attitudinal change in global citizenship”

Devised by a network of teachers in the UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ethiopia, the toolkit supports teachers in finding out what pupils think about global and local issues and provides tools for measuring the impact of their teaching.

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About the project….

The 3-year project, funded by the European Commission saw us working with teachers, student teachers and their tutors to develop ways of finding out how pupils’ attitudes and actions can change. With partner organisations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Ethiopia and the South East of England, the project involved 16 universities, hundreds of schools and thousands of pupils in this exciting and ground-breaking work.

The starting point for the project was an unique toolkit for measuring attitudinal change, ‘How Do We Know It’s Working?’ published by RISC. Building on its success, we wanted to create an expanded and enhanced version, which is relevant to teachers and pupils of all ages across the European Union.

To view activities and case studies from Czech teachers, visit www.varianty.cz/jakvimezetofunguje

What is Global Citizenship?

Global Citizenship means taking action for social justice and sustainability, locally and globally. It focuses on Human Rights, Interdependence, Diversity, Peace and Conflict and Sustainability. It equips children, young people and adults with the knowledge and understanding, skills, and values and attitudes to take action for change.