The Partners

The Project Partners


RISC is a Development Education Centre in the heart of Reading, UK. RISC works with schools and community groups to raise the profile of global issues and promote action for sustainable development, human rights and social justice


The Varianty educational programme of People in Need aims to create an inclusive and open society and support education for global responsibility. We work with teachers and teaching assistants, developing partnerships with schools and universities, collaborating with NGOs, education counselling centres and education departments to promote educational policy changes


Milan Simecka Foundation organizes educational, information, research and rememberance activities within three programs – Diversity, Inclusion and Memory. Activities are based on fundamental democratic values such as freedom and respect for human rights.



Development Education Centres involved in the project



18 hours is a social enterprise with a passion for fostering global understanding through education and events. We are committed to environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusivity and the promotion of good practice. 18 hours is a regional Development Education Centre, working with teachers across East Sussex, who are interested in global teaching, including diversity and sustainability education across the curriculum.


BPEC inspires, educates and connects people, communities and organisations to understand how their own lives and actions link with those of others, and find ways to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. The work is done through 1) Training teachers to put learning in a global context and 2) Developing and providing global learning resources.



Commonwork is an organic dairy farm and a conference and study centre, combining education programmes with social enterprise, to work towards a more just and sustainable world.  Commonwork offers a variety of hands-on education programmes and experiences around organic and sustainable food and farming, sustainable development, global citizenship, social enterprise and wellbeing. We host schools, universities and community groups, as well as seasonal programmes and workshops open to the public.  Commonwork also offers vocational and therapeutic programmes working with vulnerable young people and adults to help develop their talents and potential.



DEED is a centre for global education and learning serving Dorset and Hampshire. We encourage and inspire teachers and pupils to develop their understanding of global issues and cultural diversity.




HEC Global Learning Centre engages schools and communities across London to raise awareness, inspire values and impart skills for a just and equitable world.